Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS)

A non-profit research, advocacy and campaign organisation with a focus on tourism.

Since 2016 I have worked with EQUATIONS as a communications strategy consultant and web designer+developer.

I have overhauled their internal and external communication processes. Introduced both FOSS and non-FOSS software to streamline their workflows. Trained them in writing, editing, design and technologies to prepare them to expand their online (and offline) outreach activities. Conducted branding workshops resulting in a comprehensive language and design style guide. I am currently redesigning and developing their new website.

1. The Audit

EQUATIONS first hired me to audit their organisations existing communications and website. I produced a detailed report recommending that the most sustainable way of expanding outreach efforts was to:

  • improve internal staff capacities:
  • to document work,
  • produce engaging content for distribution, and
  • raise digital literacy.
  • plan a redesign of their dated website.

2. Technology, Processes & Internal Communication

We began by shifting the organisation to a cloud-first approach to computers. I introduced various modern communication and collaboration software such as Slack, Trello, and G Suite (Google Calendar, Drive, Gmail…). All at minimal cost through TechSoups software donations for nonprofits. We shifted the majority of data collection both on the field and in house to digital systems ad redesigned administrative, technical and financial processes and forms to make them more user-friendly, less time-consuming, and more streamlined

This allowed us to shift progress tracking and accountability primarily to digital platforms which helped in-person meetings become collaborative, supportive learning and growth spaces.

The redesign of all internal communications processes and forms didn’t focus on only streamlining and efficiency. Its true aim was capturing more experiential and textured documentation of ongoing work in usable, discoverable and enduring archives.

3. Branding

I conducted branding workshops that helped identify a clear voice and personality for EQUATIONS and write distinct organisational and programmatic descriptions. Based on these workshops I provided EQUATIONS with a detailed voice, tone and design style guide, which will grow with the organisation and establish clear, consistent standards for outputs online and offline.

4. Capacity Building & Training

I conducted and hired other experts to conduct over a dozen workshops and one-on-one training sessions on writing, editing, the basics of design, producing infographics, data visualisation and managing social media.

5. Online Presence & Content Production

Having trained EQUATIONS staff to better handle digital outreach and set up processes to capture more usable content for online platforms, we established an adaptive content strategy that will guide the organisation outreach efforts for coming years. To make this as effective as possible, we set up a clear and easy-to-manage collaborative editorial calendar and content workflow that handles everything from commissioning and writing to design, sharing and handling feedback and analytics.

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I've also worked as a contractual designer and developer for EQUATIONS. I designed reports, presentations and training kits. I am currently redesigning and developing their website on Drupal.

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