Services I offer

Digital Strategies

Design. Content. Technology. Workflows. Processes.

Defining a clear digital strategy is the bedrock of any project or relationship I take on. But my services extend beyond the basics. I can help you rework internal communications and processes, adopt the most useful technology and, of course, create and implement effective brand, content and marketing/publicity strategies. I’ve helped several organisations do just this.

The breadth of my experience in publishing, media and wide variety of organisations is invaluable here.

(Still wondering what this actually means? Take a look at Paul Boag's Digital Adaptation).

Training & Workshops

Branding. Writing. Design. Editing. Tech Skills.

I’ve trained dozens of professionals across industries on writing and editing, basic design and digital fluency. Conducted branding, strategy and discovery workshops for multiple organisations. And twice a week, I teach an undergraduate course on Content Design, Development and Strategy for the Web.

Web Design & Development

Discover. Design.
Code. Deploy. Maintain.

I understand the importance of functional, long-lasting designs. I’m well-versed in modern design and development practices, Wordpress or Drupal, one-page microsites or daily content publishing websites: I understand the difference between solutions that actually work for my clients and those that just look good.

Communication and Web Audits

You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you are. I audit websites, content, brands, existing communications practices and organisational workflows and can help you determine the changes you need to make. Why build a new website if all you need is a small redesign or spend money on publicity without a clear brand or organisational identity?

User & Business Research

I analyse your business/organisation and your competition, your product/output and your customers/users so I can help you find the strategies that will work, the problems that you need to address, and solutions to meet real needs. I use tools like in-person interviews, user surveys, analytics and, A/B testing to provide rigorous, substantiated insights.

Print & Graphic Design

Print is far from dead. From business cards, branding, banners and, stickers to posters, reports and, catalogs I’ve got you covered. Plus my years of experience working in publishing houses with printers means I know all that tricky colour, paper, printing and, binding related stuff.

Digital Marketing

With years of experience handling social media and email marketing for a variety of clients I can be your one–stop-shop for everything digital marketing. I work with talented photographers, illustrators and writers to ensure that my clients have successful online engagements.

Content services

Writing web content for your site or editing your report is a part of the deal with my strategy and web design services, but if you just need help with this. The skilled writers and editors I work with (and I) can get it done in a timely and professional manner.

Other services

I have experience handling media relations, event management, and crowd-funding. I offer these services to some of my long term collaborators as well. I also do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for clients with exsiting websites, apart from handling this for websites I build.

Working with me

  • — Do you work remotely

    Yes, in fact, I prefer to. But remote work comes with it's own set of challenges, some of which I've grown adept at handling. In my experience projects move fastest and most smoothly when we communicate often. I prefer text-based communication to phone/voice because it's easier to explain things and doesn't require (as much) scheduling of time. I'm happy to do this on email or Slack. To make remote work, particularly brainstorming, easier (or in fact possible at all), I like to use Trello to get things done. If you're not comfortable with the tool or want to use an alternative please let me know.

  • — How do you charge clients?

    I charge by the hour for most projects. I still offer flat fee for small graphic design and simmilar projects, where deliverable are few, iterations are fixed and the entire timeframe is not longer than a week. I no longer charge a flat fee for larger projects. Projects often evolve as they move forward and it's hard to charge for small incremental changes in the scope of the project. I've, at times, ended up doing sever dozen hours of work for free, which is something I can't actually afford.

  • — What does charging by the hour mean?

    In order to provide a fair and accurate way of tracking my time and not letting costs escalate, I use time-tracking tools like Toggl to document the time I spend on each project and task and I send bi-weekly or monthly logs so that costs never grow more than you're comfortable with.

  • — Will you take of hosting, etc?

    Yes. If you would like to keep your costs low, you can let me host your site on servers I manage (where I also host some of my other websites and clients' sites). The fees are reasonable and lower than most reliable hosts, but more expensive than budget hosting