Designer+ Developer,
Marketer and
Digital Strategist

I'm a designer, developer and marketer with over seven years of experience. I work with talented writers, illustrators, developers and photographers to deliver a broad range of services.

I work with small businesses, NGOs and publishers on design, marketing and business development. I've held diverse positions over the last seven years. From marketing manager for an international publishing house to training consultant for NGOs. For more information on my work experience, download my CV here.

An autodidact — I've learnt almost everything I know about design, code and business solutions from experience and years of reading+practice. And I'm constantly growing.

What I'm learning now.

I strive for improvement and try to keep up with emerging practices and technologies while also expanding my skill set. I'm enrolled inFreeCodeCamp, and I'm often exploring a MOOC.

I've worked as part of teams, led teams and worked independently. I've worked in small organisations with tight budgets, I know how to get scrappy. I've also worked for large companies with big budgets, where juggling tasks and keeping timelines is more important than being frugal. I've worked with nonprofits where thinking about processes and principles is as important accomplishing goals, as well as startups where getting it done fast, trumps everything else.

Skills & Experience

  • Design
    • Web and mobile UI design.
    • –UX design, both online and offline, based on user research and while placing an emphasis on simplicity and usability.
    • –User Research to help define both business and design goals.
    • –Branding and logo design.
    • –Graphic design for the web and print.
  • Business Development
    • –Developed and managed new distribution models at Zubaan for online, offline and overseas sales and negotiated equitable terms.
    • Boosted Zubaan's sales by over 15% annually by developing innovative sales platforms and forming new relationships with outside organisations.
    • –Established partnerships for HarperCollins to generate new avenues for publicity and branding.
    • –Followed new leads and managed multiple accounts as part of running a freelance design and development practice.
  • Digital Marketing
    • Quadrupled Zubaan's online presence by giving Zubaan a distinct online personality, and curating and sharing content, live-tweeting and managing regular email campaigns.
    • –Responsible for marketing all HarperCollins imported titles as well as select Indian titles.
    • –Provided Khoj with the tools it needed to take its online presence to the next level by training existing staff.
    • –Designed and managed email campaigns and social media campaigns for small businesses and nonprofits as a freelancer.
  • Web Development
    • Fluent in CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Zurb Ink (now Foundation for Emails) and Wordpress.
    • –Now learning PHP and Javascript.
  • –Project Management & Efficiency
    • Created processes and helped streamline communications at Zubaan, Khoj and HarperCollins.
    • Familiar with Agile development methodologies.
  • Writing
    • Wrote marketing and web content for Zubaan and as a freelancer.
    • Researched and wrote business plans for Zubaan and small businesses.
  • –Video Production & Editing
    • Produced videos for Temple Advertising's Changeism campaign (for Indigo Nation) and Global Connections (a Dutch magazine for expats).
  • –Training & Teaching
    • Trained organizations like Khoj, EQUATIONS and others on digital communication, writing, basic design tools and storytelling for the web.
    • Teach an undergraduate course on Content for Websites at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.
    • Teach a lecture series on Content Marketing and Other Writing for the Web to undergraduate students.

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