An independent feminist not-for-profit book publisher and research organisation.

I worked for Zubaan from 2012 to 2014 as their in-house digital lead as well as a contractual designer+developer.

As a small non-profit of 7 people who bring out over 30 books a year and handle two research projects, we didn't work in well-defined silos. My work for them ranged from design+development of various sites and microsites, marketing and PR to sales and distribution and much much more.

Design + Development

I designed and developed a webstore and general-purpose website for indie feminist publisher Zubaan. This solution needed to marry Zubaan’s indie non-profit aesthetic with its business goals. Built on Wordpress and powered by WooCommerce, the site enabled Zubaan to take control of their direct sales, improve their margins, reach a wider audience and gain insights about their audience.

Social Media

I managed Zubaan's social media in-house, quadrupling their audience on Facebook + Twitter, and taking their engagement to the next level. Engagement online was so successful that the annual in-house sale that I began accounted for over 3% of annual turnover. That sale was publicised by purely organic traffic on social media.

and more

As I worked in-house for Zubaan for nearly two years, I managed their sales and marketing. I developed and managed new distribution models for online, offline, and overseas sales. I also handled production and design, including publicity materials, book covers, catalogs and graphics; and was responsible for all marketing, media relations, and event management.

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